Roads | December 05, 2017

‘Country Roads’ website but no money to fix country roads

The Nationals Member for Lowan, Emma Kealy MP says funding for a ‘Country Roads’ webpage announced by Labor today is nothing more than a cheap stunt that doesn’t contain one extra cent to fix country roads.

“Calling the new webpage ‘Country Roads’ and trying to convince country people this is real money to fix country roads is nothing more than a cynical stunt by the Andrews Labor Government. Country people aren’t stupid, and we know full well that a website won’t fix one pothole,” Ms Kealy said.

The Labor Minister for Roads and Road Safety Luke Donnellan announced a new VicRoads website today claiming it’s a ‘bold plan’ that will keep people informed and keep people safe.

“Local people don’t want a webpage to tell them how many potholes they have to dodge on country roads. What our people want are the potholes in country roads fixed,” Ms Kealy said.

Labor’s record on country roads is appalling. In their first year of Government Daniel Andrews cut the highly successful Nationals Country Roads and Bridges Program, and further cut hundreds of millions of dollars from the VicRoads road asset management budget.

“Daniel Andrews and his Labor Government must immediately reverse their extensive cuts to the country roads budget and reinstate the Nationals Country Roads and Bridges Program,” Ms Kealy said.

“If Daniel Andrews is serious about saving country lives then Labor must immediately fix our country roads,” she said.

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