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Back to the bad old days - Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Daniel Andrews recently claimed he doesn’t want to “go back to the bad old days where there were two Victoria’s” – Regional Victoria and Melbourne.

But under his city-centric government, Regional Victoria has already been left behind.

One of the first things Daniel Andrews did as Premier was cut the $160 million Country Roads and Bridges Program.

Today, our country roads are riddled with potholes and crumbling shoulders.

Hospitals and schools are crying out for upgrades such as the Warracknabeal school community which has been abandoned by Labor leaving the mess of a half built school.

Regional Victorians are being forced to deal with a third-world public transport system with coach services being cut and trains that constantly break down while the Andrews Government pours billions into Melbourne metro projects.

Worse still, Daniel Andrews looks set to axe the Regional Development Fund at the end of June – a Fund that has invested $1 billion into regional communities since the Liberal Nationals established it in 2011.

Premier, we can’t go back to the “bad old days” because under your city-centric Labor Government, we’re already there.

Country Victorians deserve better and the Liberal Nationals will keep fighting for a better deal for all regional communities.

Emma Kealy

Member for Lowan

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