Education Community facilities | February 27, 2017

Bills introduced to Victorian Parliament 21-23 February 2017

Last week, three Bills were introduced to the Victorian Parliament which may be of interest to residents across the Lowan electorate.

Of great interest to all Victorians is the Commercial Passenger Vehicle Industry Bill 2017, which proposes a $2 tax on all taxi and Uber rides. The Liberal Nationals have long argued that anything that makes transport more expensive for Victorians is not a good outcome.

Victorians are already struggling with cost of living pressures and another new tax will make life even tougher for many, particularly in regional areas and for elderly Victorians who use taxis to get to and from medical appointments.

The Liberals and Nationals have immediately sought an amendment to allow proper consultation with the community, taxis and rideshare services and the tourism industry regarding this tax.

Other bills introduced this week were:

  • Jury Directions and Other Acts Amendment Bill 2017
  • Education and Care Services National Law Amendment Bill 2017

More information on the proposed Bills can be found at

Please contact my office if you need help accessing this information.

Yours sincerely

Emma Kealy MP

Member for Lowan

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