Youth Health Speeches | August 29, 2019

Children Legislation Amendment Bill

Victorian Parliament - August 29, 2019 Ms KEALY (Lowan) (10:59:38): It is a great privilege to have the opportunity in the short time that I will have available before question time today to speak on the Children Legislation Amendment Bill 2019. As we have heard from previous speakers, this is an enormously important piece of legislation that will help to protect our children, and that is what we must always do as lawmakers, to make sure that we protect the most vulnerable in our community and particularly, give our children the best possible start in life. At the outset I would like to say that I am very, very proud that the Liberals and Nationals will support this piece of legislation. We certainly see absolute merit in this. It helps to build upon the findings of the Betrayal of Trust inquiry of 2013, which is something that I know our side of politics was very, very proud to establish and something that did an excellent job in unveiling what was hidden over a long period of time. The ACTING SPEAKER (Mr McGuire): Order! The time has come for me to interrupt business under sessional orders for questions without notice and ministers statements. Business interrupted under sessional orders.

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