Roads | July 28, 2016

Country people pay the price for Labor's road budget cuts

The Nationals Member for Lowan, Emma Kealy MP is calling on the State Labor Government to reverse their drastic cuts to the country roads budget following a single car accident on the Casterton-Coleraine Road.

“I was contacted by a distressed family member following a recent accident on the Casterton-Coleraine Road. Large pot holes caused their vehicle to spin out of control and hit road guard rails,” Ms Kealy said.

“Thankfully no one was seriously injured; however this further highlights the appalling conditions of our local roads and the unacceptable safety risks endured by our local people.

“The condition of our country roads is simply not good enough. This Labor Government has drastically cut the road asset maintenance budget by 10% and scrapped the successful Liberal-Nationals Country Roads and Bridges program, which just demonstrates that this Melbourne Labor Government is completely out of touch with the needs of country Victorians.

“What will it take before Premier Andrews will listen to the desperate calls from county people to fix the deteriorating condition of our local roads? Will it take a more serious road accident or a fatality before action is taken?” she said.

Emma Kealy MP has written to the Premier and the Minister for Roads on countless occasions, lodged a petition, spoken in Parliament and called on locals to help report hazards directly to VicRoads.

“I urge local people to keep reporting all road hazards to VicRoads which can be done through my website or by phoning 13 11 70. This will help give VicRoads the data they need to demonstrate that more funding is needed to respond to road hazard reports,” Ms Kealy said.

“I assure the Lowan electorate that I will continue to lobby this city centric State Government so that country people receive their fair share of roads funding,” she said.

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