Police | June 15, 2017

Crime rates soar in North West Victoria

The Nationals Member for Lowan, Emma Kealy MP is accusing Daniel Andrews of refusing to take action to fix the violent crime rate in Victoria.

New figures released by the Victorian Crime Statistics Agency today show the number of offences recorded by Victorian police in the year to 31 March 2017 have risen 4 per cent, with the most significant upward trends being assault and related offences (up 7.9 per cent), robbery (up 19.6 per cent) and dangerous and negligent acts endangering people (up 20.2 per cent).

Crime rates in the Hindmarsh LGA have risen an astounding 79.11 per cent since December 2014, up from 225 to 403 total offences at March 2017.

In Horsham LGA, crime increased 8.57 per cent, with the main rise being theft which increased 15.4 per cent. In West Wimmera crime increased 6.77 per cent, Yarriambiack 25.21 per cent, Ararat 27.97 per cent and Northern Grampians 43.40 per cent over the same period.

“Our community has been abandoned by the Premier for Melbourne while the crime rate spirals out of control,” Ms Kealy said.

“Offenders have been emboldened by the Andrews Labor Government’s watered-down bail laws, weakened sentencing and no increase in frontline police numbers.

“Our local police are doing their best, however they are hampered by Daniel Andrew’s soft approach to crime”, she said.

“Daniel Andrews can’t fix the violent crime rate by continuing to give repeat violent offenders four, five or six chances before sending them to jail,” Shadow Minister for Community Safety Edward O’Donohue said.

“Until this Premier starts to put the rights of innocent Victorians before the rights of violent criminals, we will not see any decline in violent crime rates.

“Only the Liberal and Nationals have a plan for stronger sentencing, tougher parole conditions and a return to the principle that bail is a privilege not a right for violent offenders,” he said.

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