Roads | January 10, 2020

Finally – some money to fix the Dunkeld–Cavendish Road

After a five-year fight by local residents and The Nationals Member for Lowan Emma Kealy, the Government finally announced this morning it will spend $4.5 million to repair and widen 7.5km of the Dunkeld-Cavendish Road. 

Ms Kealy said that while the announcement was years overdue, it was a start and some reward for years of tireless campaigning by local residents and road users.

“Roads in western Victoria should never have to get to the shocking state of the Dunkeld - Cavendish Road before they get fixed,” Ms Kealy said.

“For five years I’ve stood united with the local community to get this road repaired and widened.

“The situation got so bad that the CFA felt the need to issue warnings to volunteers to slow down when responding to emergencies because of the safety hazard the dangerous condition of roads in the Cavendish area presented.

“While I’m concerned the funding may not be enough to repair all the potholes and crumbling edges of this dangerous road, it will go some way to addressing the safety concerns of local road users.

“Thank you to everyone who has added their voice and shared their horror experiences to help take the message to the Government that this terrible road had to be fixed before a life was lost.

“Like many locals I’ll be keeping a close eye on the repairs to ensure all dangerous sections riddled with potholes and crumbing edges are completely fixed and the road is built to last.

“We need to drop the country road toll, and this has to start with fixing terrible roads like this.”

Works on the Dunkeld-Cavendish Road are scheduled to start on 20 January.



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