Emergency Services | November 01, 2017

Fire season preparedness

Victorian Parliament - 1 November 2017 - Ms KEALY — A number of residents in and around the Grampians National Park are deeply concerned about the danger of camp fires in the Grampians over the coming fire season. Visitors to the region may not be aware of the extreme fire risk to the region, and a camp fire left to burn rather than being extinguished properly could have disastrous results, particularly given the high fuel load in the region after a wet season and the disruption to the Country Fire Authority (CFA) following the disastrous handling of the CFA restructure by Labor. Despite asking the minister to address this issue, we have seen no action by the Andrews Labor government to restrict camp fires or at least improve awareness around camp fire dangers and fire ban periods. I urge the minister to take action to improve camp fire management and awareness in preparation for the upcoming fire season.

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