| November 28, 2019

Geoff Handbury

Victorian Parliament - November 28, 2019 - Ms KEALY (Lowan) (09:42:32): Western Victoria is grieving for the sad loss of Geoff Handbury, now at peace with his beloved late wife, Helen. Geoff made so many thoughtful contributions to the western Victorian community through his great ideas, business nous, passion, approachability and generosity. His belief in western Victoria as a great place to live, work and raise a family saw significant investment across the region. This was not just through his local businesses and jobs, including the ACE Radio network, but also generous donations across the region through the Handbury trust. Some of these investments are remembered with a plaque and a beautiful photo of Geoff and Helen strolling hand in hand; others are not marked at all—as Geoff did not give for the recognition—but are still benefiting the community in some quiet way. I fondly remember sitting and chatting to Geoff about the things he believed were important to our region, our future and our people, from key investments and projects to dealing with the kangaroo problem—and I recall him saying, 'Even cute bunnies are a pest if a mountain is heaving with them’—and the importance of arts and culture to the region. He really was a lovely and engaging man. We would then trail off and he would walk me through his amazing art collection, often pointing out which were Helen’s favourites, and of course images and memories of his beloved Sandford, where he grew up. Geoff really was a gentleman and family man who truly believed that the choice to live and raise a family in western Victoria was one of the best decisions anyone could ever make. For that I am deeply thankful and proud to have known Geoff. My deepest sympathies to the Handbury family for their sad loss. Vale, Geoff Handbury.

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