Energy | May 01, 2024

Government energy scheme telemarketers banned

Lowan residents will no longer face forceful sales tactics from energy companies after the Nationals were successful in advocating for a ban on telemarketing and doorknocking.

From today, May 1, providers and participants in the Victorian Energy Upgrades program – an initiative that provides state government incentives for households that install certain energy-efficient products and services – will not be allowed to cold call a person to promote products and services.

A ban on doorknocking will come into effect on August 1.

The changes also mean that providers and participants cannot purchase a person’s contact details from a third party or arrange a contractor or other agent to call or doorknock on their behalf.

Member for Lowan and Deputy Leader of the Nationals Emma Kealy said many residents had contacted her office to protest the aggressive tactics used by some companies involved in the VEU program.

“Even residents who had signed up to the Do Not Call register were being repeatedly harassed and coerced by people promoting products from heaters and hot water systems to showerheads, clothes dryers and fridges,” she said.

“These new bans are a necessary protection for residents, particularly elderly residents who might not be able to advocate effectively for themselves and are deliberately pressured into signing up for products and services they do not want, under the guise of it being cost-saving for them.

“People have rightly had enough of companies and third parties overstepping the mark to spruik their products under this program, and I am pleased that advocacy from the Nationals and community members has pushed the state government to act.”

The Essential Services Commission will monitor compliance with the new laws, with companies found to be in breach liable for fines of up to $46,000. They can also be suspended or removed from the Victorian Energy Upgrades program.

Ms Kealy said people could report anyone in breach of the new laws by calling the commission on 03 9032 1310 or by emailing [email protected].

Residents can also lodge a complaint with Consumer Affairs Victoria online at or by calling 131 450.

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