| May 10, 2021

Government must rethink cross-border permit system

Member for Lowan Emma Kealy has taken the government to task in Parliament over the continued requirement for Victorian cross border community members to reapply for a border permits every fortnight.

Ms Kealy last week asked the Minister for Health to explain why Victorian cross-border community members have been stuck with an onerous system for nearly four months despite South Australia automatically extending travel permits for cross-border residents.

“Victorian cross border community members are fed up with being locked away from their workplace, their healthcare, their family and friends, their local shops and even their sporting and community clubs because they happen to be over the border,” Ms Kealy said.

“These residents have been dealing with border closures and restrictions for the past nine months, and they deserve a better solution. Having to apply for a new border permit every two weeks is an unnecessarily burdensome process for permanent residents in the cross-border region. 

“These Victorians deserve to know why Victorian cross border permits are restricted to just two weeks, when their neighbours in South Australia have not had to reapply for a cross border permit or Essential Traveller permit for almost a year.

“The minister needs to address this onerous requirement and make changes to the Victorian border permit system to make it easier for cross-border residents to go about their daily lives like any other Victorian.”

Parliamentary protocols require the minister to provide a written response to Ms Kealy’s question within 30 days.

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