Public Transport Education | January 30, 2020

Horsham bus routes disappoint

Local families no longer able to use school bus services and elderly residents left without a local bus stop have been left angry and frustrated after the Minister for Public Transport today announced new bus routes in Horsham.

“As school goes back it comes as a shock for many families that areas of Horsham have seen school bus services cut or altered by Labor, with some families who have used the school bus for many years now left with no other option than to drive their children to school,” Ms Kealy said.

“It’s not just local families with young children no longer able to access school bus services that have been left high and dry by the Labor Minister, but also elderly residents who have had their nearest bus stops removed forcing them to walk long distances or use a taxi - if they can afford it.

“Locals always know best and it’s disappointing that Labor has ignored community concerns and failed to provide an opportunity for residents to be a part of these types of important decisions, and it’s local residents and students who will miss out,” she said.

Adding to community frustrations, the Minister continually refuses to support enhanced passenger rail services to western Victoria with Labor planning to scrap the only passenger rail service, The Overland, on 1 April 2020.

“The Andrews’ Labor Government have proven yet again they just don’t care about regional Victoria and have a complete lack of understanding of our public transport needs,” Ms Kealy said.

“Time and time again we read reports of how important good transport connections are to grow our population and help attract and retain workers and families to regional cities like Horsham, but under Labor we’re getting the reverse with school bus cuts and a looming cut to our only passenger rail service.

“I continue to call on Daniel Andrews and his Labor Ministers to make good on their commitment to ‘deliver for all Victorians’ by giving local residents the public transport connections they are entitled to and deserve,” she said.

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