Energy | October 15, 2018

Kealy calls for immediate action on gas supply monopoly

The Nationals Member for Lowan, Emma Kealy has reported the Andrews Labor Government to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission for promoting false and misleading information to Horsham residents on its Energy Compare website.

Ms Kealy raised the matter in Parliament last month, asking the Andrews Labor Government to take immediate steps to fix their Energy Compare website and explain what action they are taking to break the gas supply monopoly in the Wimmera.

Ms Kealy has requested the ACCC investigate any evidence of price gouging in the Wimmera by the sole gas retailer, Energy Australia and the marketing practices of other gas supply companies that may represent false and misleading advertising.

“It is obvious Daniel Andrews has no interest in fixing the gas supply monopoly situation in the Wimmera and Labor has left me with no choice but to involve the ACCC to try to get some cost of living relief for local residents,” Ms Kealy said.

“It is unacceptable that Labor’s own website recommends four separate gas retailers for Horsham when the reality is there is only one, Energy Australia.

“All we hear from the Minister is hot air about gas but the fact is Labor has done absolutely nothing to address this situation despite their commitment four years ago to monitor the development of competition in the Wimmera to ensure the interests of consumers are protected.

“I am also extremely concerned that Energy Australia is taking advantage of their supply monopoly since the Order that constrained gas tariff increases to no more than CPI expired in 2013 and Labor has taken no steps to renew.

“This is pushing up gas bills and hitting the back pockets of businesses and people living in Horsham with a 75% increase in gas prices since the Order expired.

“To make the situation even worse, locals are receiving pay-on-time and e-billing discount offers from Energy Australia and other gas retailers that the companies are subsequently refusing to honour, often after all the lengthy paperwork is done to change suppliers.

“Only a Liberal Nationals Government are committed to cost of living relief for Victorian families and will provide a better deal for regional Victoria.”

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