| July 29, 2021

Kealy - have your say on mobile and internet access

The Nationals Member for Lowan, Emma Kealy is encouraging Lowan residents to identify problems with mobile coverage and internet access on a new website vic.gov.au/connectingvictoria.

Ms Kealy said businesses and individuals can visit the website and pinpoint on an interactive map where they are experiencing a problem with mobile coverage or internet access by adding a marker. They will also be able to describe the problem.

“Better mobile telephone coverage and internet access is vital to support local investment, create local jobs and build stronger and safer regional communities,” Ms Kealy said.

“We know of a number of emergency situations across Lowan where people have been unable to call for an ambulance because they don’t have phone signal.

“We know that here are many, many mobile black spots across Lowan.

“I am also regularly contacted by people frustrated by a lack of internet access, whether it be for their personal use or the challenges it is presenting for them in trying to run their business.

“In a world where we are all being pushed towards the internet in almost every aspect of our daily lives, it is critical that our local residents have better connectivity to help them stay safe, connected to their loved ones and to be able to operate their businesses effectively and efficiently.

“Locals have been rightly frustrated by Labor’s inaction in providing this critical infrastructure, so the announcement that steps are finally being taken to identify blackspot locations is well overdue.

“I encourage all locals to visit the website and have their say and provide the Victorian Government with clear direction on where new mobile and broadband infrastructure is required across Lowan.”


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