Environment and Water Agriculture | June 21, 2019

Kealy hopping mad about kangaroo pet food trial debacle

The Nationals Member for Lowan Emma Kealy has spoken in Parliament expressing her anger that the once successful kangaroo pet food trial has turned into a total debacle under the Andrews Labor Government.

Pet food processors across Victoria have been utilising kangaroo carcasses for pet food since The Nationals first introduced the scheme in 2014.

The scheme, which has been extended until the end of September, was established to manage kangaroo numbers and utilise the carcasses of culled animals.

“I am so angry that Labor has completely destroyed the kangaroo pet food trial,” Ms Kealy said.

“I have been contacted by farmers who have had DELWP staff recommend to them that they apply for the alternative permit to shoot and drop kangaroos and let them rot on the ground, rather than apply for pet food trial permits because the trial is being so badly managed.

“There are even reports of DELWP staff hanging up on farmers desperate to obtain permits before their land becomes too wet to enter to control kangaroo numbers.

“In the meantime farmers are experiencing kangaroo numbers in plague proportions, with precious fodder they have stored on their farms to keep their livestock alive over winter being eaten by large numbers of kangaroos.

“Farmers are waiting months for permit approvals and tags, shooters have no certainty on their income for the future and local jobs are being lost.

“Skippy could run the program better than the Andrews Labor Government.

“Labor must immediately fix the mess they have created and support the kangaroo population management strategy and waste reduction initiative that the once successful kangaroo pet food trial was delivering.”

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