Roads | October 28, 2015

Kealy - Report more road hazards

Emma Kealy, Nationals Member for Lowan is calling on the communities of Western Victoria to report more road hazards directly to VicRoads.

Since launching her campaign to report road hazards directly to VicRoads, Emma Kealy MP has become aware of people who were unable to claim compensation from VicRoads for damage caused to their vehicles, due to hitting a large pot hole.

“If someone receives personal injury or damage to their vehicles due to poor road conditions, they only have 30 days from the incident occurring to lodge a Notice of Incident and Claim form to VicRoads,” Ms Kealy said.

Information on how to make a claim is available on the VicRoads website or by phoning 13 11 71.

“I urge community members to report any road hazard to VicRoads by phoning 13 11 70 or via my website,” Ms Kealy said.

“Earlier this month I launched a campaign to improve the deteriorating condition of our country roads with a ‘Call to Action’ for locals to report hazards, so that statistics reflect the poor condition of roads in our region.

“I’ve met with VicRoads and was surprised to hear that the highest reported hazard in Western Victoria wasn’t potholes or rough surfaces, but stock on roads,” said Emma Kealy.

“If everyone can report road hazards directly to VicRoads this will give them the evidence to demand additional State funding to better manage and maintain our roads.

“If we all work together with VicRoads, I believe we can make a real difference and achieve safer roads for our region.

“I've reported a number of road hazards using the VicRoads service and it's not only quick and easy to do, but the roads have been fixed within 48 hours. 

Emma Kealy has written to the Minister for Roads and Road Safety on many occasions and lodged a petition in Parliament with over 700 local signatures supporting the urgent need for funding to improve and maintain roads in the Lowan Electorate.

“We need more money invested in country roads, not less. However, the State budget confirmed that Labor have cut 10 per cent from the road asset management budget and have scrapped the Coalition’s $160 million Country Roads and Bridges program,” Emma Kealy said.

“I assure the Lowan electorate that I will continue to lobby the State Government to deliver our fair share of funding to country roads,” she said.

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