Roads | May 24, 2017

Labor continues to neglect country roads and country lives

The Nationals Member for Lowan, Emma Kealy MP believes Labors ‘Towards Zero’ road safety campaign is a dismal failure.

“The ‘Towards Zero’ strategy has proven to be a major flop, with the road toll increasing and constituents continuing to report extensive damage to vehicles,” Ms Kealy said.

“Our local roads continue to deteriorate. Road edges are crumbling and potholes are getting deeper every day. The band-aid patch ups being undertaken only break up and wash away within a few months of work being done.

“Speed limits on long, straight country roads have been reduced from 100 kph to 60 kph because Labor openly admits some roads are simply no longer safe.

“Even the RACV is publicly calling for the State Government to make the safety of our roads a major priority after commissioning an independent report which showed that Victoria’s regional highway network is seriously underfunded and the steep decline in their condition is impacting on road safety.

“The current lack of investment in our roads will mean that the state highway network will continue to deteriorate and inevitably cost more to repair in the future,” she said.

Prior to the last State election, Daniel Andrews promised to spend $1 billion on country road upgrades and maintenance. Country communities have seen no sign of this promised funding.

“What we need is Daniel Andrews and his Labor government to immediately reverse their extensive cuts to the country roads budget and reinstate the Nationals $160 million Country Roads and Bridges Fund,” Ms Kealy said.

“This neglect is a long way from what country Victorians were promised almost three years ago when Daniel Andrews was after the country vote. Since then, it seems impossible to convince our Premier that there are any Victorians living beyond Melbourne’s tram tracks.

“Nobody would disagree that we need to reduce the state’s road toll and that any death or injury on our roads is one too many.

“If Labor is serious about saving country lives, they must immediately reverse their drastic cuts to the country roads budget and give our people the roads they deserve,” she said.

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