Environment and Water | October 10, 2016

Labor loses focus on fracking legislation

I write in response to a letter to the editor published in the Hamilton Spectator on October 6 from Member for Western Region Jaala Pulford, questioning if the Liberal-Nationals will support fracking legislation.

This is a deliberate attempt to mislead readers.

To date, Labor has not presented any legislation to parliament to implement a proposed ban on onshore unconventional gas in Victoria.

It is disappointing they have politicised this important local matter, instead of getting on with the job of drafting this legislation.

The ban is not a new approach. It was the former Liberal-Nationals government that first established the moratorium on unconventional gas. We also banned the use of harmful BTEX fracking chemicals.

Daniel Andrews has followed our lead, but has shut the door on any relief for homeowners and small businesses who are struggling with cost of living pressures. 

The Liberal-Nationals are committed to protecting our environment and water sources for our agriculture sector and will take this into consideration when Daniel Andrews actually presents a proposal to parliament.

Labor has a terrible track record when it comes to fracking in country Victoria.

It was Labor that approved 73 exploration permits and 23 fracking permits, before any research or understanding of the impact on our environment and valuable water resources was known.

Instead of attacking the Liberal-Nationals, I suggest Labor start focusing on drafting their proposed legislation.

Emma Kealy

Member for Lowan


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