| June 21, 2024

Labor mismanagement puts community safety at risk

Recent reports that a newly agreed nine-day fortnight rostering system for Victoria Police might impact community safety must be urgently addressed by the Allan Labor Government.

Deputy Leader of The Nationals and Member for Lowan said it was critical that the Allan Labor Government focused on filling frontline vacancies and reopening police stations as crime rates continued to climb across Victoria.

Crime Statistics Agency data released yesterday showed significant increases across the state in offending such as motor vehicle theft, retail theft, and criminal incidents by youth offenders in the year to March 2024.

“Under Labor, serious offending continues to rise as the number of full-time equivalent (FTE) Victoria Police staff is in decline, with 800 frontline police vacancies remaining unfilled,” Ms Kealy said.

“Due to these shortages, 43 police stations across Victoria have had their operating hours cut – with fresh concerns the new rostering system will further impact frontline services.

“Labor must explain to Victorians what the cost of their new rostering system will be and what impact it will have on services and policing availability.

“Victorians cannot afford further police service cuts and Labor must guarantee there will be no further station closures.

“Labor cannot manage money, cannot manage our police services and Victorians are paying the price.”


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