Roads | May 16, 2016

Labor reduces country roads speed limit

The Nationals Member for Lowan, Emma Kealy MP is outraged that Labor intends to reduce speed limits on country roads instead of provided vital funding to maintain and repair dangerous sections.

“Instead of fixing our deteriorating country roads, Labor has now confirmed through their ‘Towards Zero’ strategy that they are going cut speed limits to cover up their ongoing cuts to the country roads budget,” Ms Kealy said.

"Daniel Andrews knows our roads are not safe, but rather than reverse his drastic cuts to the country roads budget and make our roads safer, he wants us to travel slower. This decision will grind country Victoria to a halt. 

“What the Melbourne Labor Government doesn’t understand is that our country roads are vital to move produce from our paddocks to their dinner plates.

“Labor has been bragging about improved Melbourne roads to reduce travel time to and from work, so that city people can spend more valuable time with family. Clearly Labor doesn’t care about providing this same benefit to country people.

“Labor has cut country roads funding by a whopping 10% since the National-Liberal Coalition were in government in 2014. We need more money invested in country roads to keep them at a safe standard. Labor's strategy to cut country roads funding forcing a cut to speed limits is simply not the answer. 

“The Andrew’s Labor Government is also skiting about a $2.9 billion surplus, yet they have continued to deliver funding cuts to country roads. This clearly demonstrates the further you live from Melbourne, the less Labor care,” she said.

Emma Kealy MP has continued her campaign to improve the condition of our country roads. Since the launch of her campaign last year she has written to the Premier and Minister for Roads on countless occasions, lodged a petition, spoken in Parliament and has called on locals to report hazards directly to VicRoads.

“Nobody would disagree that we need to reduce the state’s road toll and that any death or injury on our roads is one too many,” Ms Kealy said.

“If Labor is serious about saving country lives, then they must immediately reverse their drastic cuts to the country roads budget and give our people the roads they deserve. 

“I assure the people of the Lowan electorate that I will continue to lobby this city centric State Government so that country people stop being ignored and receive their fair share of roads funding,” she said.

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