Education | November 11, 2021

Labor rips funding from Lowan schools

Member for Lowan Emma Kealy is furious the Andrews Labor Government has cut funding for a long-term life skills program at three Lowan schools.

The government this week informed Edenhope College, Balmoral K-12 Community College and Goroke P-12 College that they would no longer receive funding for the Advance program, a school-based initiative that aims to increase youth engagement in the community and enrich students’ learning and leadership experiences.

Ms Kealy said the announcement was a double-blow for Edenhope College after the government also cut its chaplaincy program funding this year.

She said the news was absolutely gutting for the schools – which have run the Advance program for 16 years – and would force last-minute curriculum changes for 2022.

“Labor constantly spruiks how it’s making Victoria ‘The Education State’, but the truth is this government has continued to strip away programs and supports that are essential for young people in our communities,” she said.

“Labor told schools that it was rescoping the Advance program to better target support for young people whose needs had been significantly exacerbated by the impacts of the COVID pandemic.

“Border communities have arguably done it tougher than any other region of the state over the past 20 months. Yet instead of supporting students in these areas, Labor is scrapping key development opportunities and the multitude of benefits these bring to students, their school and the community.

“The Andrews Government has lost its way when it comes to education, and our young people are paying a heavy price.

“I urge the government to immediately review its decision to cut funding for Advance programs in Edenhope, Goroke and Balmoral to ensure these students will not miss out on vital development opportunities.”

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