| June 20, 2024

Labor sending our roads to ruin

While the state of Victoria’s roads continues to deteriorate, a further analysis of the 2024-25 budget has revealed a 96 per cent reduction in the levels of maintenance being undertaken on regional roads.

This follows the revelation that the road maintenance budget remains 16 per cent below 2020 levels, and a cut of $88 million from road safety funding.

Deputy Leader of The Nationals and Member for Lowan Emma Kealy said it was time Labor woke up to the parlous state of regional roads.

“91 per cent of roads were rated as poor or very poor in a survey the government conducted only last year,” Ms Kealy said.

“The minister must not have understood the data, as the actions taken this year are the exact opposite of what should have occurred.

“We have 400 kilometres of road around the state with reduced speed because of their condition, road resurfacing will drop by 75 per cent next year, and more than 2000 Victorians have lodged claims for vehicle damages due to shoddy roads.

“This maintenance reduction is a very clear and calculated snub of regional Victorians while Labor continues to fund their expensive Cheltenham to Box Hill rail line to the tune of $35 billion.

“It is clear regional Victoria does not matter to the Allan Labor Government.

“Labor can’t manage money, and regional roads are suffering as a result.”

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