| March 15, 2019

Letter to the Editor - St Patrick’s Day fires first anniversary

This week we commemorate the first anniversary of the devastating 2018 St Patrick’s Day Bushfires, the effects of which are still experienced every day by many in our region.

We remember friends and neighbours who lost homes, stock and suffered significant property damage, and the countless others who continue to carry the emotional and mental scars of this horrendous event.

We pay homage to the firefighters, with many away protecting other people’s property while their own properties were under direct threat, incident management teams, support providers and the many others who protected our communities, our pets and our homes.

We know that a crisis brings out the best in humanity but it was truly amazing to see so many of our vital SES and CFA volunteers working closely with local community members to fight huge blazes under terrifying conditions.

Events like the St Patrick’s Day Bushfires are testimony to the character of Australians in extraordinary circumstance, and a shining example of the selflessness and mateship that occurs when we unite as a community in dark times.

I am immensely proud of the support that local community members continue to offer to local residents directly impacted by these fires as they rebuild their lives – you are an inspiration.

This anniversary we come together to reflect, share and learn from our experiences.

Emma Kealy MP

Member for Lowan

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