Health Community facilities Speeches | October 17, 2019

Lowan Electorate

Victorian Parliament - October 17, 2019

Ms KEALY (Lowan) (11:39:12): (1282) My constituency question is to the Minister for Health and the information I seek is detail on all actions the government is taking to address critical shortages of doctors in my electorate. The doctor shortage is impacting on demand for medical support at local state-run emergency departments and urgent care centres, with some public hospitals not having 24/7 access to doctors. With communities such as Edenhope, Kaniva, Nhill, Murtoa, Rupanyup and Minyip critically needing to recruit doctors that support local public health services, this is rapidly escalating to a rural health crisis. I therefore ask the minister as a matter of urgency: what is the government doing to address this critical public health concern for my constituents?

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