Education Community facilities Speeches | August 29, 2019

Lowan Electorate - School Crossing Warning Lights

Victorian Parliament August 29, 2019 Ms KEALY (Lowan) (11:38:36): (1086) My question is to the Minister for Road Safety and the TAC, and the information I seek is: when will school crossing warning lights be installed at Horsham student crossings at Natimuk Road to access the Horsham campus of Horsham West and Haven Primary School and McPherson Street to access Ss Michael and John’s Primary School (SMJ). Both roads are major highways—the Wimmera and the Western highways respectively—and carry high levels of truck traffic and heavy freight. Despite strong community representations over many years there are no flashing warning lights on either of these major highways school crossings. This makes the school crossing on Natimuk Road almost impossible to see during periods of heavy fog. And while just this morning the SMJ community has been notified that there will finally be warning lights installed—a big win for the school community, and thanks, very, very much to Scoop—we just do not know when. As many parents have observed, it is only a matter of time before a tragedy occurs. We need flashing warning lights at both sites before it is too late. I therefore ask the minister: when will flashing warning lights be installed at both the Natimuk Road and McPherson Street school crossings in Horsham?

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