Roads | May 08, 2018

Members Statement - Borung Highway Road Safety

Victorian Parliament - 8 May 2018 - Ms KEALY — I have been inundated with complaints from constituents deeply concerned by the latest botched rollout of centre‑line rumble strips on narrow and crumbling country roads. Trucks are forced to drive up the centre of the road along the Borung Highway between Dimboola and Warracknabeal because the sides of the road are so badly damaged that trucks simply do not fit between the crumbling edge and the rumble strips. I have also had reports of rumble strips flying off the road when struck by a vehicle and causing damage to other vehicles. Only a Labor road safety initiative would force heavy vehicle drivers either off the road or to drive up the centre of the road and cause vehicle damage. A better solution would be to fix the roads — something that seems totally lost on Labor. I ask the minister to immediately halt the rollout of rumble strips until a full investigation has taken place.

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