Education | June 05, 2018

Members Statements - Apsley Primary School

Victorian Parliament - 5 June 2018 - Ms KEALY - My office has been contacted many times regarding the ongoing battle Apsley Primary School is having with the Department of Education and Training to gain approval for a school bus route that collects students from over the South Australian border. For the students in South Australia Apsley Primary School is their closest school and part of their local community. The students are essential to assist Apsley Primary School’s student numbers so it can continue operating. In fact 25 per cent of the school’s students use this bus route. If there were no state border at all, the children would immediately qualify under the school bus program. This is a key example of why we need a cross‑border commissioner and why The Nationals have committed to implement that if we are elected in November. Currently the parents committee of Apsley Primary School are funding this bus run, which is just astounding, just because there is this border in the way. I ask the minister to again look at considering approving this run to ensure that there is support for Apsley Primary School.

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