Health Speeches | September 04, 2018

Members statements - Family Safety Victoria

Victorian Parliament - 4 September 2018 - Ms KEALY — Simone O’Brien is an amazing woman. Bashed and left for dead by her partner, she is a true survivor and passionate advocate for White Ribbon and people affected by domestic violence. I have nothing but respect for her actions and her bravery, and I am proud to call Simone my friend.

Simone is one of many local domestic violence advocates who are deeply concerned that Labor have only committed to one family violence support and safety hub in the entire Department of Health and Human Services western region. To put this into context, this area is equivalent to about a quarter of the state — it goes from Hopetoun down to Warrnambool, and from Portland across to St Arnaud. It is an enormous region. People who live in this part of the state who would be seeking support from this safety hub may have to travel more than three hours to attend the hub if it is located in Warrnambool, which is the biggest site in the region. There is no direct public transport route between the north of the state and Warrnambool. This is really concerning to me, and quite frankly I think it is unacceptable that if we are looking to provide better access for family violence survivors and their families that we only have one hub in that part of the state.

Please, Premier, please, for the sake of all women and families affected by family violence in the west of the state, where we suffer from some of the highest family violence rates, for the sake of survivors and domestic violence prevention advocates like Simone, will you commit to more than just one family violence support and safety hub in the western region to ensure equitable and fair access for domestic violence sufferers?


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