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Members Statements - St Patrick’s day fires

Victorian parliament - 19 March 2019 - Ms KEALY (Lowan) (18:20:19): Last Sunday marked one year since the St Patrick’s Day fires which devastated south-west Victoria. The Lowan community of Gazette was hard hit in the physical loss of assets, including homes, stock, fence lines, pasture and hay, but also emotionally and mentally. Looking back there is no doubt the immense effort of CFA volunteers, with the incredible support of local landholders and others, including Matt and David from Trotters Coaches, achieved the amazing result of no lives lost. Thank you so much for your bravery and commitment to your community. In the 12 months since these fires we have seen terrific contributions to support the Gazette community. Whether it be donations of food, fodder or house loads of furniture, offering an ear or shoulder to cry on or the welcome sight of a smile and offer of a helping hand or just a distraction, I thank everyone who has generously supported Gazette in their recovery. And while the grounds around the Gazette CFA shed are now green instead of black, we know that for some the recovery continues. We are with you today as we have been since the fires, and will continue to offer our support into the future.

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