Health | March 20, 2017

Minister breaks promise to cancer patients

The Nationals Member for Lowan, Emma Kealy MP is demanding the Minister for Health makes good on her promise to local people and provide additional funding for the Wimmera Cancer Centre.

“Jill Hennessey looked local cancer patients in the eye while receiving treatment and promised she would provide additional funding to build the Wimmera Cancer Centre if required,” Ms Kealy said.

The Minister promised local people on 13 May 2016 that the Government was prepared to allocate extra funding if needed and was quoted: “If you don’t get there, we will, we’re going to build this. This project is not going to stop if the community fundraising falls short.”

“It is extremely disappointing that it appears the Minister is reneging on her promise, meaning the Wimmera Cancer Centre which includes cancer treatment, dialysis and palliative care may not be built.

“This project must be built to ensure local people can get the medical care and support they need close to home,” she said.

Ms Kealy spoke in Parliament last week calling on the Minister for Health to fund an additional $1.5 million for the Wimmera Cancer Centre.

“The community has shown outstanding support for this project, having raised in excess of $1.2 million. I am proud of the outstanding effort by countless local organisations, businesses and individuals who have tirelessly campaigned and fundraised for the Wimmera Cancer Centre,” Ms Kealy said.

Ms Kealy has launched a petition today demanding the Minister for Health makes good on her promise to cancer patients and provide an additional $1.5 million to make the Wimmera Cancer Centre a reality.

“Copies of the Wimmera Cancer Centre petition are available at my Electorate office by phoning 5382 0097 or 5571 9800 and will shortly be available on my website,” Ms Kealy said.

“The petition will send a clear message to the Minister that she must provide the additional $1.5 million required to build the Wimmera Cancer Centre. We will not accept the Minister breaking her promise to local cancer, dialysis and palliative care patients,” she said.

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