Emergency Services | February 28, 2017

National Red Balloon Day - Letter to the Editor

Summer has officially ended and 28 February is National Red Balloon Day when we can all show our appreciation and support for local firefighters by displaying a red balloon.

National Red Balloon Day is a fantastic way to give thanks for the work of local firefighters, especially CFA volunteers.

Our CFA volunteers deserve a great deal of respect, that’s why we should acknowledge them and thank them for their service.

CFA volunteers form a vital part of every country community, not only protecting properties and lives, but assisting with important causes like the Good Friday Appeal.

National Red Balloon Day began in 2014 and is a similar event to Blue Ribbon day honouring police and Wear Orange Wednesday for the State Emergency Service.

Again, I thank all our vital CFA volunteers who provide such a wonderful service in protecting our local communities and I am proud to display a red balloon as a sign of appreciation.

Emma Kealy MP

Nationals Member for Lowan

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