small business Environment and Water | March 04, 2019

Power cut-offs spike under Labor

The Nationals Member for Lowan, Emma Kealy is alarmed by recent reports which show that more than 60,000 Victorian customers had their power cut off last financial year.

Numbers are up 21 per cent on the previous year, while the average level of debt reached almost $1500 as prices leapt 16 per cent.

“Once again, the Andrews Labor Government are trying to blame everyone else for a problem they largely created,” Ms Kealy said.

“There’s no greater proof of the cost of living crisis under Labor than 60,000 Victorians having their power cut-off in the last financial year.

“Since Daniel Andrews forced the closure of Hazelwood in March 2017, which supplied 22% of Victoria’s baseload power, Victoria has been left with insufficient power to keep homes cool over summer and power prices have skyrocketed.

“Daniel Andrews and his Energy Minister need to realise that just talking about reducing energy prices and fixing the problem of insufficient baseload power doesn’t make it happen.

“Local people deserve a government that will fight to ease the cost of living, rather than just paying lip service to ever increasing energy prices.

“Labor must act immediately to fix Victoria’s energy problems.”

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