Roads | December 11, 2015

Roads Minister invited to travel Casterton-Coleraine Road

Nationals Member for Lowan, Emma Kealy continues to relentlessly lobby the State Labor Government to address the deteriorating condition of roads across the Lowan Electorate.

“I’ve provided countless examples for the urgent need to fund and improve the appalling condition of roads across Western Victoria,” Ms Kealy said.

“In Parliament, I have raised specific roads to highlight their terrible state calling for immediate action including the Glenelg Highway between Casterton and Coleraine.

“I have lost count of the number of representation letters sent to the Minister for Roads and Road Safety on behalf of councils, businesses and many individuals. Minister Luke Donnellan has continued to reject all invitations to visit Western Victoria and to see our worst roads, first-hand.

“The Melbourne Andrews Labor Government has continued to ignore country communities. They must understand how important roads are in regional Victoria, and it’s disappointing that the dire need for funding continues to be ignored.

“Failure to maintain road surfaces to a safe standard presents an unnecessary and unacceptable danger to local families, commercial drivers and other commuters using our rural and regional roads.

“Families and businesses also suffer financially when roads are not maintained to a safe standard, through physical damage to vehicles.

Emma Kealy lodged a petition in Parliament earlier this year with over 700 local signatures supporting the urgent need for funding to improve and maintain roads in the Lowan Electorate.

“We need more money invested in country roads, not less. However, the State budget confirmed that Labor have cut 10 per cent from the road asset management budget and have scrapped the Coalition’s $160 million Country Roads and Bridges program,” Emma Kealy said.

Emma Kealy launched a campaign to improve the deteriorating condition of our country roads with a ‘Call to Action’ for locals to report hazards directly to VicRoads.

“If everyone can report road hazards directly to VicRoads this will give them the evidence to demand additional State funding to better manage and maintain our roads.

“I urge everyone to report any road hazards directly to VicRoads by phoning 13 11 70 or visit my website,” she said.

“I assure the Lowan electorate that I will continue to lobby the State Government to deliver our fair share of funding to country roads,” she said.

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