Speeches Roads | February 06, 2020

Rural and Regional Roads Safety

Victorian Parliament - 6 February, 2020 - 

TO THE LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY OF VICTORIA The petition of certain citizens of the State of Victoria draws to the attention of the Legislative Assembly the Labor Government’s proposal to introduce an 80km/h speed limit on our country roads.

This “band aid” policy fails to address the underlying safety issues on our country roads including potholed surfaces and steep drop offs on roadside edges.

Improved road surfaces and increased driver education is required to address our rising road toll, not simply slowing people down.

The petitioners therefore request that the Legislative Assembly of Victoria ensure an appropriate level of investment is made to halt the degradation of our rural road network and increase driver education to reverse the rising road toll on our country roads.

By Ms KEALY (Lowan) (191 signatures).

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