| September 17, 2015

Solar power customers are hurting

Emma Kealy, Nationals Member for Lowan is disappointment that home owners with solar panels will be hit with a reduced feed-in-tariff from January 2016.

The Victorian Labor Government released a Renewable Energy Roadmap on 21 August, promising a fair return for those with solar PV panels on their roofs through the feed-in-tariff.

However, on 25 August, the Essential Services Commission announced it will cut the current solar feed-in-tariff from 6.2c per kilowatt hour to 5c from January 2016.

“There are over 3,500 home owners with solar panels on their roofs in the Lowan electorate who were told by Labor they would get a fairer deal. Daniel Andrews owes them an explanation on Labor’s backflip,” Ms Kealy said.

Daniel Andrews has again stalled on the issue, launching on 12 September yet another inquiry into the feed-in-tariff rate.

Victoria has 263,000 solar panel installations, with over 3,500 in the Lowan electorate all who will see a 20% cut in the credit they receive for producing excess electricity into the power grid.

The Shadow Minister for Renewables, David Southwick MP said the solar industry has taken a hit with a 20% cut to the solar feed-in-tariff under Labor, only days after Daniel Andrews promised a better deal for solar customers.

“Daniel Andrews is too weak to make a decision, instead calling for yet another review while Victorian consumers are paying the price,” he said.

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