Education Baimbridge College | June 07, 2018

Constituency Questions – Baimbridge College

Victorian Parliament - 7 June 2018 - Ms KEALY - My question is to the Minister for Education, and the information that I seek is: when will the government provide the desperately needed funding to redevelop Baimbridge State College in Hamilton? This college was promised funding by a department representative who met with the college in Hamilton late last year, but unfortunately since then the money has not flowed and the college community has been left high and dry, with not a cent allocated in the budget. The school has spent a significant amount of time planning for this redevelopment. The school is run‑down — it just does not meet the needs of that community. It is the only public high school in Hamilton which services the entire region. It is an important project, and therefore I do ask the minister: when will the government finally provide desperately needed funding for the redevelopment of Baimbridge college?

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