Royal Commission in Victoria’s Fire Services

The Liberal Nationals have announced that we will conduct a Royal Commission into Victoria’s fire services if elected to Government in 2018.

There is widespread concern in the community that Victoria’s fire services are in a state of crisis which is putting people’s lives, homes and property at risk.    

Daniel Andrews refuses to support the CFA and the dispute has gone on long enough.

A Royal Commission is now vital and urgent. 

Only a Royal Commission, with the powers it possesses, will be able to compel the production of evidence, critically examine the issues and produce recommendations for government consideration.

A Royal Commission will take the politics out of our fire services and provide considered, impartial and objective recommendations to fix it.

Have Your Say on the CFA

The Liberal Nationals continue to meet with local fire fighters and community members right across Victoria to listen to their thoughts on the future of their fire services.

A recent parliamentary inquiry confirmed that Andrews Labor Government failed to consult firefighters before introducing flawed legislation in an attempted political fix.

The Liberal Nationals want to ensure our policies place community safety at the forefront and are developed in full consultation with the men and women that have been protecting Victoria for decades.

We will protect those who protect us.

To share your views and comments please email me at [email protected].

Add your voice

Volunteer Fire-Fighters have protected Victorians for more than 100 years across Victoria, and as a community we support the Volunteers and send this message to Daniel Andrews and the Victorian Labor Party, Keep your hands off the CFA.

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