Emergency Services | May 01, 2020

Dimboola fire station project finally ignites

Construction of a new fire station in Dimboola will soon commence with the State Government finally listening to local volunteers and the wider community and starting work on providing local CFA volunteers with the brand-new building they deserve.

With preliminary concept proposals for the new station underway, The Nationals Member for Lowan, Emma Kealy has congratulated the local community for their tireless lobbying for this much needed facility.

Dimboola has been assessed as having an extreme fire risk, with an extensive history of threats to the town from bushfires, particularly from the western side across the Wimmera River and from the Little Desert National Park. The Dimboola CFA also provides extensive support to other emergency services by attending vehicle incidents on the Western Highway. 

“The advice that a new fire station will finally be constructed in Dimboola is a huge win for the local community, who have been lobbying for this vital investment for years,” Ms Kealy said.

“It is essential that CFA volunteers have the equipment and facilities they need to protect local people and property safely and effectively.

“The current Dimboola fire station facilities are aged, aren’t big enough to house the CFA vehicles and do not meet current needs, expectations or OHS requirements.

“I have raised this issue with past and present Ministers for Emergency Services many times over the past few years and was even cheeky enough to arrange a last-minute inspection of the current station when the Minister for Local Government came to turn the first sod of the Dimboola library. 

“After such a long battle for a replacement fire station, it’s a credit to the Dimboola community and our fabulous CFA volunteers that they never gave up the fight.

“This new fire station is a fitting thank you to all the Dimboola CFA volunteers and recognition of their generous contribution to protecting our people and property.

“I will continue to do all I can to make sure the new Dimboola Fire Station gets built as soon as possible to ensure the safety of our fantastic local volunteers and the local Dimboola community.”



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