| November 21, 2023

Letter to the Editor - Financial Counselling Service

Dear Editor,

Calls to the debt helpline in Victoria have surged by 47 percent, laying bare the harsh reality of the cost-of-living crisis created by Labor.

Financial Counselling Victoria, dedicated to helping those in financial distress, has been forced to seek support from The Nationals state MPs, as their pleas for assistance continue to be ignored by the incompetent Allan Labor Government.

The organisation is in desperate need of additional government funding to address its rapidly growing waitlist.

Qualified counsellors, who provide free, non-judgmental advice, are portrayed as the last line of defence for those drowning in debt.

The escalating demand for financial assistance alarmingly mirrors the challenging financial circumstances confronting many Victorians.

Families that were once self-reliant are now finding it difficult to afford necessities such as food.

Many must now choose between paying for housing, bills or groceries.

Even with 310 financial counsellors statewide, wait times now exceed eight weeks, and in some regions, counsellors are having to turn away desperate individuals seeking assistance as they just don’t have capacity.

The Allan Labor Government's inaction on the cost-of-living crisis in Victoria is glaring.

Premier Jacinta Allan must take responsibility and ensure that support is accessible for Victorians grappling with the consequences of the cost-of-living crisis her government has constructed.

This is just another reminder that Premier Allan can’t manage money, can’t manage projects and she certainly can’t manage to ensure desperate Victorians have the financial support they need, when they need it.

Emma Kealy

Member for Lowan

Deputy Leader of The Nationals


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