Agriculture | March 01, 2019

Letter to the Editor – Kangaroo Pet Food Trial

Dear Editor,

The emerging kangaroo pet food industry has the potential to create good, secure jobs for country Victorians and give a healthy boost to our town’s local economies.

After a few short years the program has proved its worth.

It has successfully made use of a resource that would otherwise be left in the paddock to feed foxes or rot, and helped make our roads safer by working to control exploding kangaroo numbers.

But the program faces uncertainty year after year because the Andrews Government won’t give its support.

Last year, Environment Minister Lily D’Ambrosio waited until the eleventh hour to give the trial a 12 month extension, only to then refuse to approve control permits for the next six months.

There’s just one month left until the trial’s extension ends on March 31. This year, it must be made permanent and expanded across all of Regional Victoria.

Our farmers, professional shooters and processors need certainty so regional communities can enjoy the benefits of the ongoing jobs and investment this new industry will support.

Emma Kealy

Member for Lowan

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