Youth | July 05, 2018

Liberal Nationals to give young leaders a platform

A Liberal Nationals Government will ensure more young Lowan residents have the chance to participate in Youth Parliament and influence and develop legislation that matters to them.

The Nationals Member for Lowan, Emma Kealy MP and Shadow Minister for Young Victorians Steph Ryan have announced a Liberal Nationals Government will provide $120,000 a year for four years to the YMCA to run the Youth Parliament program – an increase of $20,000 a year compared to current arrangements.

Ms Kealy said the funding boost will ensure more young Victorians with special needs and from disadvantaged backgrounds can participate, in particular deaf or hard of hearing participants and young people travelling from rural and regional areas.

Youth Parliament was established in 1987 and is run by the YMCA in conjunction with the Victorian Government.

Each year it enables 120 students aged 16 to 25 to undertake leadership training, team building and other activities. Participants form teams of six and raise $4,000 to attend.

In 2014 the Liberal Nationals established the YMCA Press Gallery to run alongside Youth Parliament, providing a newsroom environment to cover the activities of Youth Parliament.

Comments attributable to Shadow Minister for Young Victorians Steph Ryan

Young people have good ideas about how to improve Victoria and we want to hear them.

Twenty-five bills developed and debated by Youth Parliament have gone on to become legislation.

Empowering young people and taking their concerns seriously strengthens our democracy and makes today’s decision-makers accountable to the future leaders of our State.

Comments attributable to Member for Lowan Emma Kealy

Since its establishment Youth Parliament has provided 3000 young Victorians with the opportunity to speak out on issues that are important to them.

This funding boost ensures that even more young people can add their voice and be part of this strong tradition.

I hope the focus on diversity and supporting young Victorians from all walks of life will encourage more Lowan residents, whatever their backgrounds, to put their hands up and get involved.

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