Education | May 18, 2020

Long-awaited announcement for Baimbridge College

Hamilton’s Baimbridge College will finally be able to finish stage one of its new school after many years of campaigning for funding.

The college will receive $8 million for its redevelopment, which will allow the construction of administration, science and technology, and food technology facilities.

Member for Lowan Emma Kealy said the Hamilton community had waited years for funding to ensure the school’s students and teachers could learn and educate in a modern, fit-for-purpose environment that befitted the school’s values.

Ms Kealy has helped the community advocate to the government for critical funding to upgrade buildings that cannot be used because of their poor condition, and to consolidate the school onto one site, eliminating the dangers of the school’s two campuses being separated by a major road.

“It has been a long wait, and I am so pleased that Baimbridge College students and teachers will finally receive the facilities they deserve,” she said.

“The school has a history of more than 100 years of providing secondary education to the Hamilton community, and its redevelopment will ensure it can continue to provide quality education well into the future.

“For years the community has campaigned for the government to acknowledge the need for infrastructure repairs, refurbishments and new buildings, and it is through their tireless advocacy that this funding has been achieved.”

Ms Kealy said while the $8 million for stage one of the school’s redevelopment was very welcome news, she was disappointed the government had not committed to the redevelopment in its entirety.

Ms Kealy has made numerous representations to the Minister for Education to campaign for funding for the school, and has also visited the school numerous times.

“The school needs about $25 million in total to complete every stage of its redevelopment, and it’s disheartening that the government hasn’t pledged the full amount needed given the amount of money it has available,” she said.

"The government last month borrowed the enormous sum of $24.5 billion. Why then has Baimbridge College received only a third of the amount it needs for its redevelopment? If the government is not going to invest in the college now, I fear they never will.

“Baimbridge College is the only public secondary school in the Hamilton district and it’s vital this investment is made to support our fabulous educators so our local students will have a brighter future.

“I congratulate everyone in the community who has worked to ensure the first stage of the school’s redevelopment will become a reality – it has been an amazing effort.”

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