Roads | May 22, 2018

Members Statement - Lowan electorate roads

Victorian Parliament - 22 May 2018 - Ms KEALY - Concerned road users is in my electorate have again reported substandard roadworks which have failed after just weeks of being rebuilt. Unfortunately this is a situation which I have heard of many times before, particularly regarding road repairs in south‑west Victoria. The supervision of roadworks under the Andrews Labor government has been appalling, with ongoing reports of poor workmanship. I have witnessed a shovel‑load of bitumen being put into a pothole, stepped on and then, less than a minute later, a B‑double log truck blowing out the repairs. Along the Dartmoor–Digby Road, we have currently got roadworks and, again, log trucks have blown out the works within a couple of weeks. It is simply not good enough. I ask the Minister for Roads and Road Safety to take responsibility for the poor standard of road repairs in western Victoria. I ask him to undertake an immediate inquiry into the standard of workmanship of road repairs to ensure we see an end to substandard road repairs and that taxpayer money is not being wasted on building roads that last only weeks and not the years that they should. Local people deserve to travel on safe roads. It is time we fix country roads and save country lives.

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