Roads Speeches | February 20, 2019

Members Statements - Lowan electorate - roads.

Victorian parliament - 20 February 2019 - Ms KEALY (Lowan) (09:42:36): I would like to bring the attention of the Minister of Roads to the dangerous condition of key roads and intersections in the Lowan electorate. The Casterton-Apsley Road is in terrible condition, and after years of lobbying by locals we are yet to see road repairs that have improved the safety of this road. Recent repairs were absolutely substandard, with the new road literally melting down the hill on the first day over 35 degrees. I have personally seen pothole repairs filled with poor quality material that I could poke my finger into. This is not nearly a good enough surface to handle the heavy log trucks that frequent this road. We are sick of shoddy road workmanship and just want the roads to be fixed properly to give local road users the roads they deserve. The Dunkeld-Cavendish Road has to be one of the worst roads in the state. Again, it handles heavy freight and is an important domestic road. It is single lane in some sections, with enormous drop-offs on the road shoulders, and it is pitted with potholes and rough surfaces. The speed limit constantly changes between 60, 80 and 100 kilometres per hour. It desperately needs to be fixed before a horrific accident occurs. The roads around and within Dadswells Bridge are also riddled with potholes. It is essential that the speed limit in Dadswells Bridge be extended to provide greater noise amenity in the community and to slow down turning traffic into Grampians View caravan park to prevent accidents. The new Minister for Roads is also a member for Western Victoria Region. Given all these dangerous roads are putting lives at risk within her own electorate, I call on the minister to take urgent and immediate action and finally fix these roads to save country lives.

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