Community facilities Volunteers Sport and Recreation | September 06, 2017

Members statements - Horsham Motorcycle Club

Victorian Parliament - 6 September 2017 - Ms KEALY — I would like to acknowledge the hard work of Horsham Motorcycle Club volunteers, led by Laurie Pearson, in building the Dooen motocross circuit and making it Australia’s premier motocross destination. Over the years thousands of volunteer hours have gone into running events and improving the site. As a result, the Horsham Motorcycle Club have won the right to host the 2018 junior motocross world championship, with 40 countries from around the world invited to bring a team of five competitors. World motocross officials will be visiting Horsham during the Australian junior motocross championships in October this year to inspect the fabulous site. I thank Laurie and his team of hardworking volunteers for their tireless work and outstanding contribution to our region.

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