Education | October 09, 2019

Minister fails to announce funding for Warracknabeal Education Precinct

The Nationals Member for Lowan, Emma Kealy said it was extremely disappointing Labor Minister Jaala Pulford MP came with empty pockets and no solutions when she visited the infamous botched Labor project that is the Warracknabeal Education Precinct today.

“The Warracknabeal Education Precinct has been completely bungled by Labor who have drawn the project out far too long. The school community needs funds to finish the project, not a pat on the head and an empty smile,” Ms Kealy said.

“Today’s visit by Minister Pulford was just buying time for Labor to pretend they’re interested rather than delivering the money needed.

“This is a blatant insult and Labor are well aware that abandoning the project when only half the Secondary College and a third of the Special Development School has been built is completely unacceptable. 

“I give full credit to the Warracknabeal community who has been tireless in running a huge publicity campaign “finish what you started”, but Labor’s continual failure to complete the Warracknabeal Education Precinct is all about Labor’s values and priorities – and country Victoria isn’t one of them.

“The Warracknabeal school community deserve so much better than Labor’s neglect and the current mess of half built schools.

“Labor must take the pressure off our hard working educators, families and students and give a firm commitment that they will finish what they started.

“We must be able to give our local children access to the very best educational services and opportunities and I will not stop holding the Andrews Labor Government to account until the funding is provided to complete the Warracknabeal Education Precinct.

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