Energy | November 21, 2019

Minister refuses to shine light on solar debacle

The Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change, the Hon Lily D’Ambrosio has rejected an invitation by the Member for Lowan, Emma Kealy to visit the electorate and speak with affected business owners and customers about the Solar Homes Rebate Program debacle.

Ms Kealy issued the invitation in Parliament, asking her to meet with solar retailers whose businesses have been devastated by the botched rollout of the program and customers who cannot access the scheme to hear their stories first hand.

Ms Kealy has continued to receive a large number of complaints about the program over recent months, including customers and retailers whose businesses have been devastated by the reduction in orders they are receiving.

“These retailers advise that every time there is a rollout of a new range of rebates they are getting huge cuts in the number of approvals,” Ms Kealy said.

“One retailer had 45 potential customers at the last rebate rollout in October but only three were approved.

“Another retailer had approximately 20 customers call him during the first week of the latest funding round saying they had spent hours trying but they could not get though online.

“I have also been contacted by a customer who advised that she had a $17,000 solar system installed in April this year but is still chasing her rebate and going around and around in circles as the rebate conditions change.

“She has been in touch with Solar Victoria but has not had a response yet.

“Other complaints include a 90 year old pensioner from Horsham who was asked to provide her birth certificate and other older people in the community who do not have a computer and are unable to get online and navigate the system.

“The Minister owes it to local solar retailers to make the effort to step out of Melbourne and hear first-hand how Labor have completely botched the rollout of solar rebates and the impact this has had on local small businesses.”




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