Roads Emergency Services | November 02, 2016

Roads impact on highway patrol

The Nationals Member for Lowan, Emma Kealy MP has again raised concerns in Parliament regarding costly damage repair works to police vehicles caused by poor road conditions.

“Labor’s drastic cuts to the country roads budget is now hitting our already underfunded police services,” Ms Kealy said.

“I have heard that approximately $7,500 is spent on individual highway patrol vehicles each year repairing rims and other damage caused by our roads. If our roads were properly maintained, this expense would not be necessary.

“Police highway patrol vehicles need to travel at high speeds. The poor condition of our roads, which are riddled with potholes, is affecting response times and putting the safety of our police and all road users at risk.

“Under Labor, the highway patrol presence has halved on our local roads and the road toll has increased this year by a staggering 12%.

“Many sections of the Henty, Western, Wimmera, Borung, Glenelg and Princess Highways are simply crumbling to rubble. Labor’s continued neglect of country roads and the negative impact this is having on our vital highway patrol vehicles is just another blow for our local people.

“The Andrew’s Labor Government must immediately invest in repairing and maintaining our roads to ensure the safety of all road users and support the essential work carried out by our local police and highway patrol,” she said.

Emma Kealy MP continues her call for road hazards to be reported directly to VicRoads through her website or by phoning 13 11 70. This will help give VicRoads the data they need to demonstrate that Labor’s funding cuts are devastating our roads.

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