Health Speeches | December 19, 2018

Safe patient care (nurse to patient and midwife to patient ratios)

Victorian Parliament -19 December 2018 - Introduction and first reading. 

Ms KEALY (Lowan) (16:50:26): I ask the minister for a brief explanation of the bill. Mr FOLEY: This is a bill that seeks to amend the current arrangements in place for nurse–patient ratios that have actually passed this chamber in the last Parliament and which seeks to do so again with a few further amendments in this Parliament as well. Motion agreed to. Read first time. Mr FOLEY: I move: That the bill be read a second time immediately. Under standing order 61(2), I can advise the house that the other parties and independent members have been provided with a copy of the bill and a briefing in accordance with standing orders. Mr Wells: On a point of order, Speaker, we will agree to the second reading, but we have not received a briefing on this bill. I want to clarify that point with the minister bringing in this bill. We are happy to proceed to the second reading as agreed, but we have not received a briefing on the bill. The SPEAKER: I invite the minister to seek leave on the second reading of this bill. Mr FOLEY: Indeed I would seek leave for the second reading, and in doing so thank the honourable member for his contribution. I have advice, but I am more than happy to ensure that that advice is delivered on forthwith to make sure that if in fact that undertaking has not been delivered that it be delivered forthwith at the earliest opportunity to ensure that the opposition parties together with the honourable independent members are given both a briefing and indeed a full copy of the bill. Having said that, I can only take what I am advised and indeed what the honourable member has put to the house as conflicts, and I will seek to resolve that conflict as soon as possible. By leave, I move: That this bill be read a second time. Motion agreed to.

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