Education | December 15, 2015

Win for Cavendish Primary School

Approval has finally been granted to extend a Cavendish school bus run, meaning additional students can attend their local Primary School.

In April 2015, Nationals Member for Lowan Emma Kealy actively lobbied to alter the school bus route to ensure additional students were able to access the school bus and attend their local school.

“This change was necessary to support and retain student numbers at the Cavendish Primary School and was fully supported by all affected families, the wider Cavendish community and the Southern Grampians Shire Council,” Ms Kealy said.

“The proposal to extend the bus route was initially rejected by the Department of Education and Training, causing major concerns for local families and the Cavendish Primary School. What may have seemed like a small change was a major disadvantage to the community.

“It was vital for the Cavendish Primary School to be able to sustain their student numbers to ensure they can keep their doors open,” she said.

Emma Kealy MP contacted the Minister for Education on a number of occasions, urging him to intervene and ensure that the application to alter the bus route be approved.

“With many parents traveling to work out of town, sometimes it’s easier for them to send their children to school in Hamilton. Being able to catch the local school bus can be a major influence for local families when deciding which school to send their children,” Ms Kealy said.

The Department of Education and Training confirmed approval for an appeals application to extend the bus route last week.

“It’s was fabulous to hear that approval had finally been granted, which has meant the school can retain two families and has now been able to grain another three students who are new to the area,” Ms Kealy said.

“The initial rejection to alter the school bus run clearly showed a lack of support by the Labor Government, particularly for schools in rural areas which at times are struggling to maintain student numbers.

“We need appropriate bus services so that families and students who want to attend their closest school, can access a school bus service,” she said.

The Cavendish Primary School has increased enrolments from 32 to 41 for 2016, with several of the new enrolments being bus travellers.

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